Welcome to Loubilou

Loubilou is the first online marketplace for unique, high-quality childrensware, connecting buyers with independent merchants from around the globe. We welcome independent retailers, designers, and other small business. Our mission is to build a platform to give small businesses a voice in a world dominated by big corporate players and bring small wonders and delight to children through a world of cool stuff.

Good reasons to sell on Loubilou

  • Your own Free dedicated online store on Loubilou
  • Promote your brand, existing retail store, or online store to a world of new customers
  • Engage directly with customers - and expand your customer base
  • Dramatically increase your potential market from local to national and global
  • Become part of a larger community of independent merchants committed to producing quality childrensware

Create your own dedicated store on Loubilou

Loubilou enables you to gather all your items into one store with a unique URL (e.g. loubilou.com/store/MyStore).

Think of Loubilou as a giant online children's shopping mall - where your store is inside the mall – with lots of people coming to one destination.

Setting up a store is a great way to market what you offer. You can use it as your primary online presence or you can link it to your existing website to drive more traffic to your business. Either way, Loubilou will give you exposure to a growing community of users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to sell on Loubilou?

Fees are calculated on a "pay-as-you-sell" basis, meaning that you pay a commission of 22% on the sale of the item.

How do I collect payment?
PayPal manages all payments for Loubilou purchases. When a customer pays you for their purchase, you should receive an email from PayPal confirming receipt of money in your PayPal account.

Have more questions, please see our FAQ section

Is there a limit to how may items I can place on Loubilou?
No. You can offer as many things for sale as you wish.

How will buyers contact me?
Users can contact you directly through Loubilou - queries will go directly to the email address you provide. We will also store any messages sent to you in "My Account," just in case.