Snoozeshade Snooze Cot

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SnoozeShade for Cots is for you if you want to:

ensure that the whole family gets the sleep they need to enjoy a trip away
help your child switch off in unfamiliar surroundings
share a room with your child and still be able to have a light on
The SnoozeShade for Cots has been developed by Cara in response to parents' pleas for a solution to the problem of staying away with your baby. Often curtains do not block out the light sufficiently for a daytime nap, and if every one is sharing a room, it can be difficult to get the baby to settle. The SnoozeShade Cot fits most popular travel cots and standard cots sized 120 cms x 60 cms.

You can use the top and side panels to adjust the level of darkness exactly as you like it.

Want to shut off stimuli around the sides of the cot? Then leave the whole top open
Baby doesn’t move around much? Just open the top half open so you can check in easily
Dealing with bright lights? Zip the top up but then keep one side of the cot visible so simply roll up the side panel

SnoozeShade for Cots:

has no complicated attachment systems
is lightweight and easy to use - simply pop it over the cot and attach the bottom straps to the cot legs
has zippable panels which enable you to control the level of darkness you want for your child
is made with a double layer of stretchy, soft, breathable fabric to block 94% of ambient light
creates a cosy darkened environment which allows air to flow freely
folds up to not much larger than a beach towel (and comes with own carry case)
provides protection from insects and pets when in full sleep mode

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