oUeat, evolutive high chair

By nuun kids design From Spain

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oUeat is a high chair composed of the osit baby chair, Ustructure structure and the tray from the OhU collection. Cushions and safety belt NOT included.

Its main characteristic is its great functionality and adaptability according to the child’s developmental stage.The oUeat high chair can be transformed into a desk and chair and also into a storage space, with multiple positions that will help encourage children’s capacity for imagination. All these features make oUeat an interactive game for children, stimulating their imagination, creativity and development.
Just as in the osit baby chair, the oUeat high chair’s tray has a double slot on the bottom that makes it possible to join it to another oUeat high chair with the same characteristics, so that two children can interact together.

oUeat is the first high chair on the market designed both for just one child and for twins or siblings of similar ages.

Take a look at the video and you'll see its many possibilities.