"Roll" Hanging cradle

By woodly From Italy

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"Roll" the suspended cradles that swing and bounce, allowing your baby to sleep easier. A birch shell holds a padded nest in pure wool felt for a child total comfort. Hanging up the cradle makes it swing not just in one direction, movements become soft and random, similar to the child’s movements inside it's mother belly.. The inside cradle can be pulled out and washed, and tomorrow may become an elegant magazine holder, while the birch shell, turned upside down will be an handy little table for the child's room.
For the mattress, cotton and biological spelt husks, to grant confort and transpiration, with a natural anti suffocating function
For the inside body of the cradle, we chose to use pure wool felt 100%, 5 mm thick, produced by Feltrificio Biellese, wool felt is a product natural, breathable, an excellent insulator, without any chemical treatments.
The cradle comes with everything you need to hang it, with a control system that allows you to adapt it to up to 3 meters in height to a minimum of 2 meters. In case of greater heights we can provide a tailor-made suspension.

*All our cots follow the European Union regulations (UNI EN 1130-1:1998 rules), for the safety of children's furniture.
*including cotton and organic spelt husks mattress.
*The canopy that appears in the photos is not included, is an accessory to be ordered separately.