OTTO stool by sixay furniture

By SIXKID by sixay From Hungary

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As versatile and practical as they may be, stools have virtually sunk into oblivion in recent decades. Meet OTTO, our attempt to buck this trend. Made of solid hardwood and plywood, both its legs and seat are slightly curved. Desite competing in the featherweight division (weighing approximately 1.2 kg) stool OTTO is an exremely rugged piece. Manufactured from either of ten different types of European hardwood, the range includes, in addition to the wooden finish, linoleum or leather upholstered versions.

Dimensions: height 31 cm, seat 35 × 23 cm

Types of timber available: beech, core beech, oak, maple, ash, cherry, pear, walnut, black walnut, plum

Prices start at 98 EUR.