Natures Sway Baby Hammock

By Natures Sway From New Zealand

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Natures Sway baby hammocks give continuous comfort through the gentle motion created by the care-giver or the baby's own movement, allowing baby to sleep peacefully through the night.
At Natures Sway we understand that choosing your baby’s first bed is a very important decision. If you’ve decided to look at alternatives to the European style crib, you’ve come to the right place. Our hammocks are single-point suspension beds, designed to encourage easy sleep with a gentle bouncing motion and curved line that will minimise pressure on your baby’s developing spine. By replicating the comfort and security of the in-utero environment, we aim to make the transition from womb to world as kind as possible.
We use only the finest double-boiled cotton calico or organic hemp/cotton blend fabrics, New Zealand wool, and top quality hardware to provide a safe, chemical free sleeping environment that will enhance this special time in your lives. Our hammocks have been tested by discerning parents and satisfied babies worldwide, and have been refined by us since 1993, so that we can continue to deliver an excellent ‘back to nature’ beginning for babies of the 21st century.
Your hammock comes complete with:
1x hammock fitted with D-ring stabiliser
1x natural wool mattress
1x galvanised spring with cover and built-in safety strap
1x wooden beam
1x fitted sheet
1x carry bag
2x coach-eye ceiling screws
1x .05 metre stainless steel chain
2x karabiner clips
1x door clamp
1x instruction booklet