Baby sleeping bag Vichy Blue 6-24 Months (90 cm)

By Zizzz - sleep natural From Germany

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A baby sleeping bag for baby in the age of 6 to 24 Months

Double zip that allows changing diapers without even removing the sleeping bag.
An opening on the back allows you to take your baby in a stroller or car seat. This makesit easy to transfer your baby straight into his bed when you arrive home.
One bag, 4 seasons
If your baby sleeps better so do you

Design : Vichy Blue

It is one of the oldest patterns in textiles, nobody knows the exact origins. The pattern is stylish and timeless, the French call them Vichy . The chest patch of this baby sleeping bag is decorated with the vichy squares together with a cloud at the lower part of the bag. We chose blue as it is the color of the sky and the sea and considered to be beneficial to the mind and the body. It produces a calming effect. You might think this is typical for boys, but be careful, until the 1920’s blue was seen as more appropriate for girls…

Practical design

Long zip for easy nappy changing.
No scratchy label in neck
Machine washable
Designed for your baby’s comfort and safety.
If your baby sleeps better so do you.
Swiss design, made in Europe
Free delivery (EU and Switzerland)