Organic Multipurpose Nursing & Baby Pillow - 6 Different Uses from Birth, Past Toddler Ages!

By Baby Harvelicious From Belgium

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Helping your little one during sleep, rest, feeding, tummy time and later as a neck pillow!

Finalist in the 2017 Made for Mum Awards, the Huggsie Pillow is small yet versatile! Being smaller than normal nursing pillows mean you can use it for many more uses from the moment your child is born, right up until past their toddler years...for such things as:

“Feeding: Its easier to feed baby with me because I’m smaller and can hug your baby nicely and can be more easily adjusted for both your comfort”

“Tummy Time: Instead of rolling a towel up, put me under baby’s arms and chin so I can offer support to them. I will definitely help them learn how to be on their tummies by themselves”

“Sleepy Support: It can be scary when baby comes into the world and they find loads of comfort when you wrap me around their bums (I think it reminds them of being squished in mummy’s tummy! :))”

“More Sleepy Support?!: Some mummies use me to make sure that baby stays on their sides. It’s to help them stop getting a flat head at the back!”

“Travelling Support: I’m a great help when you are travelling with baby! I can add comfort and support on a plane, to just adding extra bum support in your babies pram so they don’t slide down!”

“Just Chilling: I can even just help prop them up which gives them a new perspective on their surroundings. Simply place me under the bums or under their necks”

“Baby Grows up: Its amazing how quickly they grow and I can even grow with them! I fit so nicely around their necks when they become toddlers and beyond! They can even bend me and have a friend to lean on when travelling or relaxing so they can rest their little heads!”

We will be your friend from your birth until you’re past being a toddler!