Octo learning toy - Amazing Animals

By Octo From India

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Introduce your child to the world of animals in the most interactive and playful way.

Concepts covered include the following:
Animal vocabulary
Name and identify farm animals and wild animals
Differentiating between land and water animals
Animal Habitats
Match the food with respective animals (Sorting, matching and pairing skillset)
Problem solving with 2-piece puzzle
Wh questions (Where does this animal live? What is the baby of this animal called? What does this animal eat? Who knows what sound this animal makes? Which of these live both on land and in water? Slide the monkey - Learn the concepts of slow & fast, left and right, point A to point B)
Expanding utterances. (Ask questions like what do you see on this page?) This makes your child think
Use finger puppets for story telling and poems
Amazing animals covers all the above concepts in the most playful way. This theme consists of finger puppet fun. Zippers at the back for storage of loose parts.

100% stitched, child safe and portable. Made in India.

All octo toys facilitate open-ended learning experience for your child.
Playing with octo toys increases cognitive ability, develops problem-solving skills, inculcates creativity and helps in fine motor development of the child.